Affordable Web Design In 7 Days

affordable website design

The word “affordable” can be subjective, so “affordable web design” might mean different things.
That’s why I included different options and price levels. I’m assuming an affordable website design for most people is under $700, and for some, affordable means FREE.

Affordable Web Design Vancouver

We are a full-service web design agency. We are not web developers.
HSA has years of experience understanding domestic and small business needs.

Our team will build a business website for you on WordPress within seven days.
Your website is social media and searches engine-friendly and offers a great user experience.

Some of the benefits of a well-optimized website are

  • loads quickly on mobile devices as well as desktops
  • it’s structured well, highlights your product’s key information
  • it’s easy to navigate
  • Call to action, Social Share buttons. such as callback form and contact form
  • Pages bounce rates will be low, thus a positive effect on the page rank over time.
  • Web pages are search engine optimized. In addition, they are offering helpful and relative content.

The Difference Between A Web Developer And A Web Designer

CMS content management systems such as WordPress are ideal for web design and development.

Web Design VS Web Development, Which Is More Affordable?

You need a website. Should you hire a web designer and a web developer to make your dream website? You could.
However, if you hire us, we’ll build a fast, great-looking and functional website without using a single line of code.
We are saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process.

Introducing WordPress!

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), a program you can develop and maintain a website without coding knowledge. In addition, WordPress comes with a variety of plugins which makes building a perfect website a breeze. 

Yes, plugins typically run the show when it comes to adding functionality to your site. However, most of the time, you only need one theme at the site launch.

Astra is among the most popular and fastest-loading WordPress multipurpose themes.
We are using Astra to build our website.

Special Promo

We offer free web hosting, domain name, and email address with a new WordPress website for the 1st ten customers.
To get started, please call me on 604 704 1798 in Vancouver, BC

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