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Quick & Affordable Web Design For Small Business

The word “affordable” can be subjective, and so “affordable web design” might mean different things to different people.
That’s why I included different options and price levels. I’m assuming an affordable web design for most people is under $700, and for some, affordable means FREE.

There are many free CMS platforms available online to build a website quickly. Such as Weebly, Square Space, Wix and WordPress, to name a few.

All do it yourself site builders offer free hosting, and the URL contains a brand name—for instance, You can remove the word by connecting a domain name to the site. Sign up for a hosting plan, which costs between $10.00 to $15.00 a month.

If you don’t have enough time to get it done yourself, hire a web designer.

Vancouver Web Design Agency

We are passionate web designers and work tirelessly to bring your vision to life. We have years of experience in understanding domestic and small business needs.
We’ll create a custom WordPress website that is beautiful and user-friendly with unique features to make you stand out from the rest.
A functional webpage for users to take action, such as scheduling a callback, chat by text or contact form. Sharing, like, and following on social media.

A free domain name, free web hosting and email are included with every website because it’s you.
We create business websites, one-pager, WooCommerce. 

Our holistic approach to web design means creating a user-friendly, mobile and search engine optimized site.
We also have a large selection of beautiful responsive templates that will be love at first sight.
No matter what type of industry you are in, We can design and deliver a beautiful and functional website within seven days.
Let’s get the ball rolling! Call or text today!

Inexpensive Small Business Web Design, How We Do It

We’ve developed methods of creating great websites that can help small businesses earn new customers that don’t cost an arm and a leg.


Just like how a major international brand’s website needs are different from the needs of a small business, small businesses in various industries have other requirements. For instance, a tattoo artist needs a photo gallery to show off their work. In contrast, a caterer needs an online menu, and a massage therapist needs an online reservation system.
We start by researching to find the common elements of the most successful websites in any given industry. These things help those companies meet the needs of their customers better than their competitors.


 Build the framework

Our team takes what we learned in step 1 and uses it to create a basic framework. This structure includes all the coding necessary to make the features we want as a part of the finished website. The framework is designed from the ground up to be flexible so that it’s easy to add or remove features later on.
At the same time, our professional writers are researching and creating content for the website. This content is industry-specific and will help the website rank well for standard search terms. For example, our pest control websites have a range about bed bugs, so that people searching Google to try to learn how to identify and get rid of bed bugs will find the site.


When a customer signs up with us, we go to work customizing the framework. We add their photos and business information and encourage them to change the content to reflect their businesses better and improve their SEO (either by writing new content themselves or by purchasing custom content from us).

These structures are flexible

Our designers can make any changes the customer requires and get their sites up and running in a fraction of the time it would normally take to build the website from scratch. In no time, we have a highly discoverable website and convert customers at a high rate.

It’s beneficial in two ways

We save so much time with the web design by doing the bulk of it ahead of time, and we can provide service for a much greater number of clients than we’d otherwise be able to.
Second, because we can design websites so quickly and easily, we can charge much less than the design work of this quality would usually cost. We’ve managed to keep web design affordable.

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Custom WordPress Design Services For Start-ups

We’ll design and develop websites that convert better. Increase your CTR or click-through rate by implementing schema throughout your site. Visitors see your enhanced meta title and description on Google, compelled to click on it and enter your site, thus creating an opportunity for your service or product to shine.

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